Class 3



                                    Hello everyone




Welcome back to catching up with the Tulip class.  Happy new year to you.  We all enjoyed our Christmas break and are well rested now to return to school work.  We said ‘goodbye’ to winter and welcome to spring. We are hoping spring will bring milder weather.


Here are a few pictures of what we have being doing.  In SESE and Drama and SPHE we spent the month learning all about people who help us in our community.  We even visited our local Post Office and Garda station and hairdresser and local restaurant.  We had great fun gathering all our photos and meeting new people.


At the moment we are learning some lovely spring songs, and poems.   We are also practicing our prayers for our oncoming confirmation in April.


We have begun to learn about matter, such as plastics, wood, paper, glass and metal.  We examined lots of items gathered by teacher and learned what material they are made from.  We will be on the lookout now, identifying what materials are around us.

Art has been hands on creating beautiful spring trees and Valentine cards. 


Teacher is very proud of her class making great progress in their addition in Maths.  It has been hard work  but with a lot of hard work we are seeing results.


We wish everyone a nice spring break- coming soon.

  From Jenny, Aoife and students of Tulip class.