Class 4

 The Lily Class




  We are happy to be back in school after our mid-term break. The students are all excited to be back in school and chat to friends about the Halloween break.


We are glad to be back at school and see our friends including the transition year students in S.t Marys Hall on Wednesday mornings. We have such fun playing ball games, skipping and playing with Lego. We are also delighted to be swimming every Friday. The students enjoy music therapy on Mondays. We all really look forward to Marie the music therapist coming in and playing loads of songs we love including “Shotgun and Wagon Wheel”. Marie the music Teacher gives all the students the opportunity to play different instruments and sing aloud. Mondays are very busy in the Lily class, as some of the students also have gymnastics. Fiona, Jesse Lucy, Dylan and Sean take part in this activity every Monday.


We will also be completing the “Food Dudes programme” this term. The students will taste a variety of fruits and vegetables. They will complete extra P.E classes and will be given some rewards for their hard work along the way.


We are planning a variety show in school this year. We are really excited about it.We are discussing the different poems and songs that we may perform at the show. We are starting to talk about Christmas as it is getting closer. We are learning about the changing seasons and learning lots of interesting facts about winter. The days are quickly becoming colder and we plan to wrap up warm and go for a nature walk to discover all of the seasonal changes.