Class 4

 The Lily Class


Summer has arrived and with it the fine weather. We are enjoying a well-deserved spell of good weather. The children are really enjoying their breaks out in the yard. They are skipping, playing soccer, playing basketball and playing tag.


In class, we are busy working on the different forms of communication. The children are working hard completing tasks and enjoying the discussions on the various different forms of communication that they use. They are enjoying talking to their classmates about the different apps and different technologies available. We are looking at the impact that technology has on our lives.


We also had a social outing to the shopping centre this term. All of the students enjoyed a walk around the different shops and particularly loved the music store. We went for a well-deserved break to the coffee shop. The children had some treats and were delighted to be able to chat with each other. We even picked up some much needed supplies for the school shop.


One of the school tours is taking place this week. On Wednesday, We will be heading to Rock and Bowl in Mullingar. We are all looking forward to the trip and especially the bowling. We have great competition in our class as we are all keen bowlers.


Jesse has been working really hard in the Lily class and won student of the term. He was delighted to win and received a small prize. Lucy also got presented with a special prize for her participation in the Special Olympics basketball. Lucy was delighted to receive a medal and we are all very proud of her achievements.


We are all of course looking forward to the summer break. The children are chatting about the holidays already and their plans for the summer.