Class 7



The Daisy Class


This term we are having lots of fun preparing for summer.


We have been enjoying the lovely weather so much we moved our classroom outside to the sunshine.


We were sad to finish up our social clubs in AIT and St Mary’s as we had made lots of new and interesting friends. We were very proud to receive our certificates of participation at our end of year club party.


We really enjoyed learning about farm life last term. We experienced lots of multi-sensory stimuli in drama, ICT, art, music and SESE. We had great fun dressing up as farmers and even had a visit from a baby lamb.


We are busy preparing for graduation as we are very sad to be saying goodbye to our classmate Emer. This year’s theme is appreciation, so we made a lovely collage of all the things we appreciate.


We are getting excited for our school tour to Dublin zoo. We are learning lots of useful Lámh signs of the animals we might see on our trip.