Green Flag

Think Green Keep St. Hilda’s Clean

Our Green Schools committee was established in January 2011. Our members were selected from all areas in our school. These consist of students from junior and senior classes, four parents, one of which was on our Board on Management, Cathrina our General Assistant, Lesley McManus (SNA), and all under the watchful eye of teacher Ms. Niamh Keena, our Green Schools co-ordinator.

The experience of the Green Flag Schools programme in our school has benefited us in numerous ways. Both students and staff have been educated on ways where we can all make simple efforts to recycle and improve our natural environment around us. We had a busy first year when we started in the programme delegating duties, informing parents, students and staff about the importance of recycling. Our aim to receive green flag for our school.

We designed our school slogan: “Think Green Keep St. Hilda’s Clean”, we held a fashion show in school, students modelled recycled clothes and designed their own clothes using recycled materials, the girls were natural models, it was a great fun day!  Our day of action took place in June, where the whole school got involved cleaning, planting shrubs and many many other jobs to clean up around the school. We even made it into the Westmeath Independent that day! We’ve had numerous trips to our local St. Vincent de Paul shop donating clean unwanted clothes and toys; we brought our shredded paper to Paws Pet shop used for bedding for the animals.

It was great to see that all our hard work paid off as St. Hilda’s School was rewarded the first Green Flag for Litter and Recycling in May 2011. This was a lovely day as we received our flag on behalf of for our school in the Sheraton Hotel and were treated to lunch!

We will be having our Green Flag ceremony in June 2013. Our local Westmeath man, Dessie Dolan will help us raise our flag along with Athlone Army Band, parents, board of Management, Lorraine Derwin our local Community Warden and many others involved in our school. We aim to get working and researching for a  2nd  flag which involves developing awareness of energy issues and how to improve energy efficiency within our school.


On a beautiful sunny morning in June, we were very proud  to launch our first Green Flag.

Joined by the fabulous Army Band, the Lord Mayor and Westmeath's star player Dessie Dolan, we raised our first Green Flag for Litter and Waste management. Lots of hard work recycling stamps, batteries, plastic lids and shredding paper finally paid off. For a small school we are very proud of our achievement and look forward to our next challenge.