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Hello and welcome back to the Daffodil Class. We have had a lovely extended Christmas holiday. We are all adapting to the new routine in our class. We are becoming familiar with the new school covid procedures and adapting to social distancing in class. We have a beautiful new sensory room in our class which we all love. We are busy getting ready for St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day, and are looking forward to creating cards and art work.

We enjoy language and communication. We love listening to stories being read and reading our own books daily. We are reading ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ ‘The Snail and The Whale’ and ‘The Tiny Seed’ in class. We also enjoy sensory books during Circle Time. We are learning Lámh signs and love watching our nursery rhymes through Lámh also. We enjoy pre writing activities and colouring activities.

We have lots of fun during our Art lessons. We had loads of fun making our Valentines love bugs and Heart shaped people. We are looking forward to our new projects for St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day. We love messy play. In SESE we enjoy learning all about spring, growing plants, animals and their young. We are all looking forward to the long bright evenings. In maths we have been working very hard learning all about numbers, extending patterns and shape and space.

We are a very active class and love to run and play in the hall for PE. We thoroughly enjoy being outside and playing in the playground. We also love to relax and listen to a story being read in our new sensory room. Music makes us all very happy in class and we like listening to music and playing percussion instruments.

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