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This has been such a busy term for us all here in the Lily Class.

We did lots of yummy cooking this term, we learned how to make pita pizzas and tried different toppings each week, like ham, pineapple, peppers and mushrooms. Joycelyn and Aine loved all the toppings but ham and cheese was a favourite for Shauna, Brandon and Cathal. Then we learned how to make beans on toast....Carla taught us a silly poem about eating beans...’Beans, beans are good for your heart’’s a little bit rude!!! Cathal loved adding in the sound effects!

Aine has been using her computer to tell us her news every day and she is learning her address and phone number too. Brandon, Dylan and Shauna were practicing writing their signature and their address. Brandon’s handwriting has improved so much this year that Carla gave him his pen licence. Brandon also started a course on coding and had great fun creating games on the laptop. Sometimes it was hard to follow all of the instructions but in the end they were super fun.

In our maths lessons this term we learned lots. Aine, Cathal and Joycelyn learned all about following a schedule and Dylan learned what time we have snack at, what time we have dinner at and what time he goes home at. Brandon and Shauna learned how to tell the time on a digital clock and an analogue clock and Brandon planned a bus trip using a bus timetable. We’ve been spending our money in our class shop and Brandon and Shauna are brilliant shopkeepers, taking in the money and calculating the change. Dylan has been earning money every day by making good choices at school, he can use his money to buy a chocolate treat at the end of the day. Some days he gets to buy a whole bar of chocolate, the lucky duck!

Our friends in the Buttercup Class had wonderful success in the Special Olympics Virtual Games last term so we decided to give it a go this time. We trained really hard at running the 100m shuttle and the shot put. Everyone got involved in those games, even Joycelyn’s teddy who she pushed in her buggy. Brandon had to do some extra training because he entered for the basketball games, he was very committed and even brought the basketball home so that he could practice there too. We are hoping for some winners but we had lots of fun training and that’s the most important thing.

Our school tour to Glendeer Pet Farm was fantastic. We got to feed all the animals, the goats were very greedy and one of them stole Cathal’s bag of food. Aine loved holding all the baby animals, especially the rabbits, they were so cute and fluffy. When we got back to school we got Supermacs as a treat, it was delicious.

We are sad that it is the end of term and that we have to say goodbye to all our friends for the summer break but it will be nice to have a break after all our training and hard work this term.

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