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We were all very excited to be coming back to school, it was great to see all of our friends again. We got a new teacher this year, her name is Carla. Marie, Aoife and Sabrina are helping us too. It’s a fun class.

This term our theme was autumn.

We learned about apples and how they grow from seeds on big trees. We made apple crumble and apple cake during cooking lessons and we did leaf rubbing from leaves gathered on a nature walk. We learned all about the beat in music and sang a song about autumn leaves. Sometimes we sang it with a slow beat and sometimes we sang it with a fast beat, that was really funny!!

We also made pumpkin pie. Some people thought it was delicious but others didn’t like it .

We learned about Halloween and did some scary art.

Our favourite thing is our class shop, the Lily Shop. In September, Brandon was shop keeper and in October, Shauna is shopkeeper. It is sometimes hard adding and subtracting all the money. Áine is getting really good at asking for what she wants with her new communication computer.

We all got class jobs. Brandon washes the dishes after dinner, Shauna cleans the tables at the end of the day, Áine cleans the board and Cathal has to sweep the floor. Brandon has a big responsibility this year, he will be helping Noel to clean the kitchen after dinner.

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