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Rose Class

Rose Class

Welcome back to The Rose Class. We have been very busy since our last update. We’ve been learning about planting, fruit, healthy eating, and different animal types. We had fun planting seeds and will watch them grow before we bring them home for our parents to replant.

We enjoyed learning new songs about April and May and discovering new Lámh signs.

In art, we painted lovely pictures of scenes from The Hungry Caterpillar using pasta and we made beautiful Cherry blossom trees. We made cards for Mother’s Day. We also made a poster for the pupils making their Confirmation. Callum had made his this year.

In the kitchen, we made some nice treats during the month such as Cream Buns and Chocolate biscuits. We also continued learning skills such as buttering toast/ bread, pouring, and hand washing skills. We were lucky to be able to go swimming last term and we are really enjoying going to play tennis with Tennis Ireland. It’s great fun and we keep healthy.

We will have a busy term ahead. We went on a boat trip with the RNLI, we had our school tour in Turoe Pet Farm

We’ve enjoyed this term so far and will keep you updated. We hope the sun keeps shining.

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